This is all music from our personal vinyl collections. Everything is run through delay pedals and manipulated by simple means. The artists have been put together by themes for each different mix.


WMix 9. An Introduction

Curator: Elsner


Celtic Frost – into crypt of rays
Ride for Revenge – Eternal Woman(Hell of your love)
Motley Crew – Piece of your action
Helios Creed – Invitation
Teenage Panzer Corp – Arc D’Trumph
Shock Taktix – This is not (…)
Joe Jackson – Steppin’ Out (slow)
Thee Midniters – Are you anger?
Don Armondo’s Second Avenue Rumba Band – Goin’ to a SHowdown
The Minx – Something Happened
Adam Ant -Prince Charming
Adolescents – Things Start Moving

WMix 8. “I’m no good after the 4th”

Curator(s): Dave and Carson


Bryan Ferry – “Let’s Stick Together”
Milk Music – “I’ve Got a Wild Feeling”
Dave & Ansel Collins – “My Best Girl”
Nina Simone – “Come Ye”
the Gordons – “Coalminer’s Song”
Patti Page – “Tennessee Waltz”
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares – “Sableyalo mi Agontze”
Frank Sinatra – “What’s Now is Now”
Thin Lizzy – “Southbound” (live)

Snakefinger – Womb to Worm
John Cale – Memphis
Robert Wyatt – At last I am free
The Jam – Away from the numbers
Flamin’ Groovies – The Girl can’t help it
Everly Bros – Angel of Darkness
James Brown – I don’t mind
D.A.C. – Penitentiary Blues
? and the Mysterians – 96 tears

WMix 7. anotHEr meaNINgless NAme

Curator(s): Carson and Dave

indian man









Carson’s Set
– Marble Phrogg – “Love Me Again”
– Foetus – “Pigswill”
– Scott Walker – “The Old Man’s Back Again”
– Rolling Stones – “Please Go Home”
– Psychic TV – “Love War Riot” (Haggard mix)
– Merle Haggard – “T.B. Blues” (live)
– The Eat – “Silly Drug Songs”
– Felix – “Tigerstripes”
– Russian Tsarlag – “Fading Fast”
– Les Rallizes Denudes – “Night of the Assassins”

Dave’s Set
– Goldendust – “After the Smoke Grew Thick”
– Tammy Wynette – “Run, Angel, Run”
– Guided by Voices – “2nd Moves to Twin”
– Art Bears – “First Things First”
– Kourosh Yaghmaei – “Ashiooneh”
– YUKhONIC – “What We Feel is Necessary”
– Mau Mau – “Herzschlag”
– Captain Beefheart – “Odd Jobs” (demo)
– Curlew – “Person to Person”
– Dalek I Love You – “Dalek I Love You”
– Bob Dylan – “Alberta #2”

Mix 6. Hurricane Drug Party

Curator(s): Dave and Carson
Intermission MC: Aldo Padalto

– Jackie Gleason – “I’ll Be Around”
– Pale Saints – “Sight of You”
– the Walker Brothers – “After the Lights Go Out”
– Spectrum – “Baby Don’t You Worry” (slooow)
– Ryan Garbes – “Perfume”
– Joe Callicott – “Let Your Deal Go Down”
– Magick Lantern Cycle w/ David Tibet – “紅夜の都市 (Cities Of The Red Night) ”
– Felt – “My Face is on Fire”
– Antony and the Johnsons – “Poorest Ear” (slooow)
– Thelonious Monk – “I Should Care”

– Ramones – “Pet Sematary”
– Sewn Leather – “Bootz are for Kikkkin”
– the Honeycombs – “How the Mighty Have Fallen”
– Richard Lloyd – “Alchemy”
– Angelic Upstarts – “Police Oppression”
– Lou Rawls – “From Now On”
– Yellow Magic Orchestra – “Nice Age”
– the English Beat – “Big Shot” (live)
– Del Shannon – “Runaway”
– Charles Aznavour – “Je Hais Les Dimanches”
– David Bowie – “Golden Years”
– Henry Gibson – “200 Years”
– the Everly Brothers – “Like Strangers”

Mix 5. Walkin’ Round

Curator: Carson

Rene Hell/Chrome/Eberhard Weber/Bowie+Eno/Terveet Kadet/Clockwork Orange soundtrack/Wet Hair/Wipers/The Rolling Stones 83’/Rene Hell/The Fugs/Black Randy and the Metro Squad/Herbie Hancock/Happiness Boys/The Band/Revenge 88/Rene Hell

Mix 4. “the whole round world looks blue”

Curator: Dave

– Jimmie Rodgers – “Train Whistle Blues”
– Captain Beefheart – “Party of Special Things To Do”
– James Brown – “Forever Suffering”
– T. Rex – “Mustang Ford”
– the Band – “Bessie Smith”
– X – “White Girl”
– Big Black – “Steelworker”
– Skin – “Nothing Without You”
– Bill Doggett – “Honky Tonk Part I”
– Louis Armstrong – “I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal You”
– Faust – “Jennifer”
– Plastic Ono Band – “Why Not”
– Mississippi Fred McDowell – “Good Morning Little School Girl”
– Abner Jay – “My Middle Name is the Blues”
– Merle Haggard – “Workin’ Man Blues” (live)
– Grateful Dead – “Stella Blue”
– Bonnie “Blue” Billy – “Blue Boy”
– Roland Kirk – “The Business Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues”

Mix 3. Kissed by the drums

Curator: Carson

Stone Roses/Drunkdriver/Pink Floyd/The Fall/Depeche Mode/Little Anthony and The Imperials/Byron House/The Ventures/Rimbaud+New Order/Sinead O’Conner with MC Lyte/The Everly Brothers/The Wipers/John Coltrane/Donna Summer/James Brown

Mix 2. “Something with tongue in the title”

Curator: Dave

– Talking Heads – “I Zimbra” (dada)
– Dmitri Shostakovich – excerpt from Symphony 13 (russian)
– Serge Gainsbourg – “Brigade des stups (live)” (french)
– Bannlyst – “Farvel moder jord” (norwegian)
– Formula 3 – “Questo folle sentimento” (italian)
– the Mekons – “Club Mekon” (english)
– Sława Przybylska – “Pamiętasz była jesień” (polish)
– Zara Dolukhanova – “Bolora Kes” (armenian)
– Borghesia – “Goli, Uniformi, Mrtvi” (slovenian)
– the Stalin – “Koruhouzu No Tamanegi Batake” (japanese)
– Knugen Faller – “Inte Som Ni” (swedish)
– Lydia Mendoza – “Pallida Luna” (spanish)
– Cocteau Twins – “Aikea-Guinea” (jibberish)
– King Sunny Ade – “Samba/E Falabe Lewe” (yoruban)
– Pista Dankó – “Sőtét erdő sürüjéből” (hungarian)
– Kansan Uutiset – “Kauniita Unia/Etusivun Juttu” (finnish)
– Amalia Rodrigues – “Povo Que Lavas No Rio” (portuguese)
– Mikis Theodorakis – “To Palikari Echi Kaimo” (greek)
– David Bowie – “Helden” (german)

Mix 1. Summer Exodus

Curator: Carson

Ministry/Buffalo Springfield/Suicide/JFA/English Beat/Cowboys International/Dixie Cups/Jim Carroll Band/Abba/The Rain Parade/The Oals/Haves+Thirds/Strawberry Switchblade/The Sods/Patti Smith Group/Astrud Gilberto/Henry Purcell/Groucho Marx on The Tonight Show

7 Responses to “WMix”
  1. MVNCH says:

    These WMix’s make me feel like I never left Florida! Thanks fellas!

  2. Merchandise says:

    miss you big Munch luv big Merch

  3. luiso says:

    Summer Exodus is soo god. Keep posting these jewels.

  4. Fred says:

    Eagerly awaiting a new Mix , Troops!

  5. Maggie says:

    More WMixes please! 🙂

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