that feeling of hot air slapping you across the face… it wasn’t all just talk. don’t you know it all happens for a reason? the seemingly pointless rituals, “the motions,” etc., all coagulate. the mass, imperceptible, is something nonetheless. block upon block upon block, stacked for millennia, have delivered us to this moment.

in times of mass violence and confusion (haven’t they all been?), it seems as though the slowly simmered moment has taken off afloat and become an orbitless bubble in aimless free-flight, ever more vulnerable to the piercing needles parked below. at times it doesn’t feel real. i can’t much tell if i’m writing these lines and you’re reading them, or if i’m just a shell programmed to churn out words and echo sound into the vacuous infinity of cyberspace. in any case, I pledged my allegiance to those pointless rituals and they will have to prop me up in these times of doubt.

that feeling of hot air slapping you across the face (that heat I constantly refer to in these meandering posts, goddamn the sun) isn’t just my beleaguered ego soldiering on. it isn’t just the farting masses working through candyburgers and trash. it’s the breath of Lazarus, arisen and spouting joyful news:

Merchandise, at long last, have announced a new LP:  A Corpse Wired for Sound. this is the follow-up to 2014’s After the End and, as per usual, the band has undergone some changes. on this new record, wMerch has reverted back to it’s original trio lineup of Cox/Vassalotti/Brady. Corpse was built in a similar fashion to the band’s earlier albums, arising more out of studio collaborations and arrangements, as opposed to the whole ‘being a real band’ thing. the album was recorded over a period of a year in Italy, Berlin, Florida, and NYC. this is the band’s first collaboration with Italian sound wizard Maurizio Baggio, whose skills have imbued this album with a punchy vitality and richness hinted at (but never fully realized) in some of the earlier material. See the below video for new single “End of the Week” if you want a sample.

A Corpse Wired for Sound will be released in the US on 9/23 via 4AD.

the wMerchboys are hitting the deteriorating roads of North America and Europe hard this Fall in support of the new album. show them some love, and maybe a little money too if ya got it. Click here for a list of the upcoming dates.



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