“…an eyeful of their machinations!”

Streaks and rumblings, wind-songs… and in a flash of lightning, BOOM, here we are together once more, reunited after all these years. My apologies, friends, for hibernating wordlessly and shirking my duties as e-mouthpiece for these befuddled dopeheads. Marchendes lives, and if he breathes, he speaks. On behalf of wMerchandise, I will once again be bringing you up-to-date news, tour dates, wMixes, sounds, videos, tangents, op-eds and probably a few stupid memes to boot. Office templates be damned. As human civilization continues its unceasing march towards self-destruction, we must hold on tight to what’s ours…
…which takes us to the juicy news: new music! We have here a brand new vid up for the single “Flower of Sex.” The boys have been working tirelessly in the dark for months and months and it seems they finally have something to show for it. Is this a lone flower? Will there be more to come? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were working on something BIG, but these guys aren’t known for being particularly upfront and reliable with their information. I only know what I’ve been told…

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