A gibbet rose from the ground.

our 5-week trek across the US (and some of Canada) beings tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited. some things have changed since the last update and some things are still in the process of changing. we’ll post about those once they are confirmed.

of note: we’ve added a daytime matinee show in Willimantic, CT on 9/16 as well as a show in Carrboro, NC on 9/5 (our 9/5 Raleigh show has been cancelled). Unfortunately we won’t be able to play Ottawa this time around, so our 9/19 date there has been cancelled. everything else should remain as it was. if you have any difficulty finding addresses to any of these shows (notably Carrboro, New Brunswick, Providence, and Indiana), email us and we’ll get you the appropriate info.

also, after a long period of hibernation, the WMix series is back in action. download the newest mix, #6 “Hurricane Drug Party” (curated by Carson and Dave), as well as the prior five here.

in addition to that, our good friend Meghan just posted a lengthy interview with the three of us conducted this past summer. read it here.

see y’all soooooon.


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