mama, weer all crazee now

we leave for tour this Friday.

we will have things available for sale or trade (but only for the finest foods and drugs you got).

here are the specs:

6/17 – Gainesville, FL – Common Grounds (w/ Post Teens, Procession, and Face)

6/18 – Richmond, VA – Couch Heaven (w/ Flood Beast, Sex Of Distance/Lil Ugly Mane)

6/19 – Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio (w/ Pollution, Lotus Fucker, and Shoppers)

6/20 – Brooklyn, NY – The Gutter (w/ White Lung, Nu Sensae, Hubble, and Dream Police)

6/21 – Amherst, MA – Dad City (w/ Certain Death, Limbs Bin/Bathroom Space/Moms, and La Caza)

6/22 – Philadelphia, PA – Hong Kong Garden (w/ No Lessons Learned, Bad Dudes Rising, and Laffing Life)

6/23 – Carrboro, NC – t.b.a. (w/ HEADCASE, more tba…)

6/24 – Sugar Hill, GA – chillin’ with JW, eatin’ some ribs.


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