Were back in our cave in Tampa, no shows for the moment.

We have two new recs coming out soon. A new Merch 7 inch and a new ( ) 12 inch, both on the Katorga Works imprint. You can by them here!—–>


NEw vids will be dropped. These new tracks are for the DeeJays.

5 Responses to “Drudgery”
  1. Ben says:

    Any possibility of a tour some time soon?

    • Merchandise says:

      Good question. We don’t have any real plans but hopefully we’ll be up the east coast later this year. You should come to Tampa, we’ll play a private show for you and your friends.

  2. byeparis says:

    you should come to europe too 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    Coming to town this weekend for the skate contest. Is the offer for a private show still up for discussion? Unfortunately won’t be around later this month when you play the Bricks.

    • Merchandise says:

      I would say yes but I’m working all through the Pro, I cook and clean at the Bricks and will be mega busy the entire weekend. Sorry to break my promise but I have to babysit a bunch of pro skateboarders all week.

      – Carson

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