• The mystery is, how could such a film-maker, who persisted in making difficult, awkward films, whose very sincere communism was a stumbling-block for opportunist ___S___t___a___l___i___n___i___s___m___, whose revolutionary train-studios (where he would travel throughout Russia, film the people and process the material straight away) actually unwittingly exposed the failings of the Revolution - how did such a man survive the great ___S___t___a___l___i___n___i___s___t___ purges of the 1930s, indeed live until the grand old age of 89, especially when men like the writer ___I___s___a___a___c___ ___B___a___b___e___l___ and the theatre director ___M___e___y___e___r___h___o___l___d___ (whose only 'crime' was to find his artisitic methods out of tune with ___S___t___a___l___i___n___i___s___t___ decrees) were imprisoned in concentration camps and murdered?

The people. The people. And the dogs.

the present and recent past have been filled to the brim with activity. a much anticipated day off brings a much needed update to this much neglected page. our Totale Nite LP was released a few months back and we’ve been on the road consistently in support of it. it can be found via the … Continue reading


With what firearms?

massive updates to the Upcoming Shows section, including our first ever European dates. we couldn’t be more thrilled! expect more additions in the near future (including more SXSW shows, European gigs, etc). all upcoming gigs will be performed as a four-piece, the original Merch trio being rounded out by our new full-time drummer Elsner Nino. … Continue reading

rooster dude

You wrote this?

the new year is upon us. a rash of tour dates concerning the western half of america have been posted in the upcoming shows section. our new 12″ EP Totale Nite will be available in time for the tour. check out a track from the album below: we also made a new WMix (#7) since … Continue reading


It’s always preferable not to travel with a dead man.

A new and uncertain year is almost upon us. A brief update now couldn’t hurt. We’re still hard at work on the new record. 99.5% of the way there. Should be available via Night People this upcoming February. You will also have the opportunity to pick it up from us (in the flesh) on a … Continue reading


Methinks it is no journey.

We are back from our 40day trek across (a solid half) of North America. Thanks to everyone who helped with the shows, came out, bought merch, etc. Our apologies to those who were put out by the confusion stemming from our last-minute cancellations/moved shows/obscure addresses. Things will run more smoothly in the future. We’re putting … Continue reading

woody allen

A gibbet rose from the ground.

our 5-week trek across the US (and some of Canada) beings tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited. some things have changed since the last update and some things are still in the process of changing. we’ll post about those once they are confirmed. of note: we’ve added a daytime matinee show in Willimantic, CT … Continue reading


A row of candles in bright chandeliers

Exhaustion and lust are propelling us towards the road once again. We’re gonna be out for five weeks, hitting most of the east coast, some of canada and the midwest, and the great state of Texas. See dates belowww. We also just finished a new music video for “In Nightmare Room” from the Children of … Continue reading

merch LA crowd

Form the queue

It’s been some time since the last update and, per the usual, things are busy. Our second LP, Children of Desire, was released last month via Katorga Works. The initial press sold out rather quickly, but a repress is in progress. Our first LP, (Strange Songs) In the Dark, was also recently repressed and available … Continue reading

do the right thing

As the world reels through empty space

while we’re still waiting on confirmation for a handful of shows, most everything has been finalized. tour starts in eleven days. here’s the (rrrrreaaaaallllll close to final) list: 2 – Gainesville, FL @ Palomino (above Boca Fiesta) w/ American Snakeskin [last show. starts at midnight!] 3 – Pensacola, FL @ 309 N. 6th Ave w/ … Continue reading


Paint Your Wagon

tour planning is going rather well. we’re more than eager to stretch out our road legs. accurate dates+venues will be posted within the next few short weeks. in anticipation of our new LP, here’s a preview track: Merchandise – Time by Katorga Works the record should be out April 1st! keep your fingers crossed! p.s. … Continue reading


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